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IDRIL Services offers complete software testing and Quality Assurance services for enterprises across industries. We specialize in providing end-to-end application testing solutions, setting up Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE’s), We offer a wide range of software testing services for AR/VR or Digital solutions for your AI/ML applications. We constantly work on complex QA requirements and with our structured processes, tools and techniques, we adapt with ease to the industry agility.

Our team of expert test engineers are seasoned professionals in test automation, performance, security and Functional testing. Our professional approach all through the SDLC will facilitate in enhancing the product/project quality and development experience.

We have proven experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises and Fortune 5000 clients over the last 9 years.

Our Best Practices

Building a unified process, ensuring consistent quality and improved go-to-market parameters are the three pillars on which this practice rests. Each phase of Testing/QA lifecycle is well planned and well executed. At a broad level, we commit to the following outcomes under our Functional Test practice

  • Adherence to all technical specifications
  • Bug-free’ release
  • Detailed test documentation, including Streamlined process
  • Change requests when new features are added for knowledge transfer across teams

  • Within our Testing Life Cycle, we offer the following services

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • (Using Both Test Automation & Manual)

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our Testing Approach


Gather requirements

Understand the software to be tested, plan the procedure for testing, and document the test process for all functional aspects of a product.


Create Test Plan and Test Cases

Set goals and scope of testing, resources required, the tools and environment needed, and the number of test cases required to ensure completeness. Prioritise the test cases to reduce delay and risk.


Automated Testing

Introduce automation to shorten test cycles, ensure greater accuracy and efficiency. This also reduces human errors.


Managing Defects

Maintain a centralized data storage system for better management of bug/defect reporting.


Execute the test

Map test plans to the product functionality and modify the test cases if needed.



During the testing process, we often uncover ideas to improve the software development process and new features ideas. These are often shared with the client as a value addition.


Data Privacy

Perform Vulnerability Scanning using SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Forgery, Session Management Testing, web server configuration and the like for ensuring Data Security


Compatibility Testing

Cross-browser and cross-platform testing.


Business Logic Testing

A comprehensive, end to end testing of the application.

DevOps Testing

DevOps has enabled the development of fail-proof software within a short time in a collaborative environment to take advantage of cross-functional skills and accelerate development, deployment and test cycle times. Test Automation is critical for successful DevOps implementation.

Our expertise in test automation includes Selenium, SilkTest, TestComplete, etc

Cloud Testing

Cloud Computing helps companies focus on their core business instead of worrying about the investment and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. This has provided agility to IT leaders, who are able to provide flexible service offerings to their customers in a pay per use or licensing model based. It has also made updating software easier.

But with it comes the need to test for interoperability, security and performance. Our experience with testing applications as well as on cloud using Test Automation Framework helps to drive, Higher ROI, Reduced Cycle Time, and Minimize risks

Key Service Offerings

To meet the objectives of the development and testing, IDRIL Services offers a wide and deep range of services includes:

Interoperability Testing

Platform and systems independence of cloud resources ensured by validating & integrating heterogeneous systems (J2EE / .NET, mainframe & any other legacy systems).

Security Testing

Web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards)

Load/Performance Testing

Identify bottlenecks, predict scalability, verify the response time, memory and CPU utilization


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