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Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Our cyber solution protects your employees and your customers from email phishing and spoofing by implementing security measures to detect and protect against vulnerabilities.

Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company or person and ask you to provide them with sensitive information.

Email spoofing is the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source. Email spoofing is a tactic used in phishing and spam campaigns because people are more likely to open an email when they think it has been sent by a legitimate source.

We also protect applications from attack by embedding security features into the application where there is constant monitoring and protection.

Network Security

Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.

Network security solutions combines multiple layers of defenses at the edge and in the network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls. Authorized users gain access to network resources, but malicious actors are blocked from carrying out exploits and threats.

  • Access control
  • Antivirus and antimalware software
  • Application security
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Data loss prevention
  • Email security
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Mobile device security
  • Network segmentation
  • Security information and event management
  • VPN
  • Web security
  • Wireless security
  • Seasoned team leadership
  • Reduced workload for your management staff
  • Cost control


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