Custom Software Development

Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition understand the fundamental importance of using software to automate business processes. Today, companies are faced with the challenge of developing new applications or revising old applications that will give them a competitive edge, while balancing tightening development budgets and shrinking cycle times. Many are meeting this challenge through Idril's rapid application development techniques and tools. At Idril, we can deliver the right solutions from a single application to an enterprise-wide system -- to address business needs quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise-Wide Solutions

Idril helps companies maximize IT investment by delivering enterprise-wide application development solutions. Using a wide range of technologies, we develop flexible, scalable solutions that enable you to achieve your strategic business objectives. Our combination of business knowledge and IT service capabilities enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business processes and IT systems. We work closely with your managers and end users to define your software requirements from initial concept to final integration. In doing this, we carefully assess your requirements to ensure delivery of business-focused solutions that positively impact your overall organization and bottom line.

Application Maintenance

Idril's application maintenance services do more than just allow clients to focus on their core business - which is valuable by itself. We go even further. Our unique version of application maintenance also adds value by reducing costs - allowing organizations to put additional resources into other projects. We provide 24x7 support, allowing systems to run in support of full time online applications. Idril assumes full responsibility for your legacy software systems, ensuring that they are fully operational and responsive to your company's rapidly changing needs.

Industry-Standard Solutions

Idril has years of experience developing software solutions in mainframe, client/server and Internet environments, using proven, architectural-development methodologies, detailed processes, and industry-standard development techniques and tools. Our techniques include Rapid Application Development, Object Oriented Design, and Component-Based Development . We help our customers select development strategies that meet their preferences and IT requirements and then show them how to implement their choices without undue stress.

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